Beginner Eyelash Clip Tutorial | Ultra-detailed makeup artist's practical steps

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Step 1 comb your eyelashes


Use a spiral brush to comb the eyelashes along the direction of eyelash growth, so that the clipped eyelashes will be more neat and natural.

(Don't forget to comb your lower eyelashes, too.)

2. Clip eyelashes


Lift the upper eyelid so that the root of eyelashes is completely exposed. Use an eyelash clip to clip from the root of eyelashes. Pay attention to the strength and angle of clipping eyelashes. According to the angle of eyelash growth, clip them in three parts: the eye head, the eye and the eye tail to ensure that the whole eyelashes can be clipped. Eyelashes are divided into root, middle and tip, and gradually clip them from the root of eyelashes to the tip of eyelashes. The strength of the root of eyelashes is the greatest, and it becomes smaller as you go up.

3. comb again


After the eyelash is clipped, comb it again, and comb it according to the direction of the eyes upward, the head of the eyes obliquely forward and the tail of the eyes obliquely backward.

4. perm eyelashes


You can use an electric eyelash perm device to gently perm and comb your eyelashes again, increase the curl of your eyelashes, and then iron your lower eyelashes, which will make your lower eyelashes more tidy and natural.

5. Eyelash styling


After the eyelash is clamped, lift the upper eyelid, start from the root of the eyelash, apply eyelash primer along the growth direction of the eyelash (to make the eyelash more supportive, and to facilitate the application of mascara later), and then apply the lower eyelash in the same way.

6. Apply mascara


When brushing mascara, it is still brushed along the growth direction (from the root of eyelashes to the tip), and the more the paste is, the less the lower eyelashes are brushed in the same way.